Residential Rental Dwelling License

To ensure safety of tenants, the city requires that all residential rental dwellings be properly inspected and licensed by the city prior to occupancy by tenants.

A residential rental dwelling is defined as a room or a group of rooms providing living facilities for 1 or more households and rented under either a written or oral lease and includes, but is not limited to, an apartment, an accessory apartment, a bed and breakfast, a boarding house, a duplex, a hotel / motel, 2-family dwelling, a townhouse, etc.

Issuing Process
Residential rental dwelling licenses are issued by the city, subject to completion of an initial inspection by the Building Official. After the initial inspection, bi-annual licensing and inspection is required in even-numbered years. The license period is May 1 to April 30.  The city will send information regarding current fees and inspections along with the appropriate applications to each owner of a residential rental dwelling prior to the renewal date.

Please contact City Hall for additional information regarding rental dwelling licensing and inspections, transfer of licenses, and inspection fees. You can access the Rental Dwelling License Application.   


Rental Properties Ordinance

Residential Rental Inspection Form




HOME Line Tenant Hotlines
Tenants may speak with a tenant advocate who will provide free advice regarding Minnesota landlord/tenant law.  The advocate will provide practical advice on the law and offer options for resolving the problem.  The HOME Line Tenant Hotline is free to all tenants, regardless of income.


MHA Renters’ Hotline
The Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA) has established a special hotline phone number for renters to find answers to common questions on subjects such as security deposits, leases, Certificates of Rent Paid, repairs and maintenance, cleaning and giving notice to vacate.

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