St. Bonifacius Historical Society

We are a young organization that was started in 2001. Nothing had been done researching St. Boni history before that time.  We have accomplished much since that time as you can see below.


MISSION STATEMENT: To collect, preserve and interpret evidence of the past.


MEETINGS: We meet quarterly on the 3rd Thursday of the month in the City Council Chambers at 8535 Kennedy Memorial Drive at 10:30am in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov. 

MEMBERSHIP: We have nearly 200 members.  Cost: $15.00 a year.  This entitles members to many benefits:  Members will receive by mail an outstanding quarterly Newsletter written by our historian researcher and author, Mr. Ken Heitz.  The letter includes interesting stories about our history, what we are currently working on and other features.  As a member you have the satisfaction of contributing to the preservation of St. Boni's history.  (Perhaps you will read about your ancestors)  Members do not have  to be active.  We have members from all over the United States.

PUBLICATIONS AVAILABLE:  We have 3 books for sale at $10.00 each or all 3 for $25.00. They can be purchased at our City Hall.

      • German Home: St. Bonifacius, Minn....a case study of German
        settlement on the Minnesota 
        frontier in the mid-nineteenth
        .  by Kenneth Heitz - 40 pages 
      • Notable Events in St. Bonifacius History 1904-2004: researched
        by Ken Heitz.  30 pages.  This book has 18 notable stories.
      • St. Bonifacius, Minnesota Circa 1909: a glimpse of life at the turn
        of the century of St. Boni collected from old newspapers and old postcards
        by Tom Logelin.  40 pages. 

OUR COLLECTION:  We have collected thousands of old photos, documents, letters, newspaper articles, old diaries, maps, etc. that have been entered into our computer.  Our Software, Past Perfect, has been designed especially for Historical Societies.

When one wants to search their ancestors, or other areas of interest, all we have to do is click the name and all those records will come up.  We have a printer to share copies.  Our records are kept in the Library basement.

We have a library with genealogy books donated by local families from our area.  We have local history books, too. We have a cemetery records. The  Catholic church records are on a Microfiche.

NEED TO DO RESEARCH?  We do not have regular hours.  You can arrange by appointment to meet with one of our active members at the library during library hours.  

DO YOU HAVE HISTORY TO SHARE? We welcome your old photos, stories, documents, old letters, or anything historical.  Your descendants might appreciate this in the far future.  The editor of our newsletter invites you to contribute stories.  he will edit your writing if you are unsure to publish your own.  His contact information is:

Kenneth Heitz
9680 Geneva Ave. S.
Greycloud Twp., Minn. 55071

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Presently, we are in the process of getting settled because we have moved out of the old firebarn office.  We are setting up our office in the Library basement.

VOLUNTEERS:  We are always looking for volunteers.  There is no end to the work needed for Historical Societies. 



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