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St. Bonifacius is a settlement in Hennepin County, Minnesota.  It is centered around Minnesota State Highway 7 and County Road 92, and located approximately 25 miles west of Minneapolis.   St. Boni residents enjoy the attractions, events and excitement of the metropolitan area, while living in a quaint hometown atmosphere.  It is also a part of the Waconia School District and has a population of 2500.  It is one square mile and completely surrounded by the city of Minnetrista.

St. Bonifacius was settled by German immigrants in the 1850's.  These early settlers came up the Minnesota River to Chaska and Carver, then came northward to the present site of St. Bonifacius.

In the 1850's the growing settlement needed a name, as did the new Catholic parish.  St. Boniface, the name of a German saint, was selected for the church and the settlement was called St. Bonifacius.  Historical accounts list 1858 as the year St. Bonifacius became a village, although the first city election was not conducted until September of 1904.
Agriculture became the prominent component of the area's economy.  The City was a thriving town until the depression of the 1930's.  The village lost numerous businesses, including both its banks, the lumberyard, the grain elevator, and a large canning factory.  This had devastating effects on the local economy.
Following the Great Depression, the City slowly rebuilt itself with new businesses to serve residents of the community and surrounding area.  In the 1960's and 1970's, industrial and commercial development occurred along Highway 7.

Residential construction began to accelerate in the 1970's and 1980's, but it wasn't until the mid-1990's that the population began to rise much more rapidly with the development of new neighborhoods and subdivisions.  The City has evolved from an agricultural center to a more diversified and developing community ever closer to the Twin Cities' metropolitan area.

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