Planning/Park Commission

The Planning/Park Commission is a board of five members appointed by the City Council.  The objectives of the
Planning/Park Commission is to make recommendations to the City Council, which will guide the development of
city parks and related services and facilities and also research, review and make recommendations on issues
related to land use and development for the City.  Each commissioner serves a two (2) year term.

The Planning/Park Commission meets the 2nd and last Tuesday monthly.


Miranda Schufman
Term ends:  08/05/2023
Robert Smestad Jr.
City Council Liaison
Tim Eiler
Term ends:  10/23/2023
Andy Harvala
Term ends:  03/03/2023
Barb Kastens
Term ends:  10/23/2023
Fred Keller
Term ends:  01/01/2023



City Council Alternate Liaison:


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