Curfew for Juveniles

In Hennepin County, there is a curfew for anyone under 18. The curfew was designed to protect children and teens because statistics show that a significant amount of crime involving juveniles happens late at night.


 AgeSunday-ThursdayFriday and Saturday
Under 12 Home by 9 p.m. Home by 10 p.m.
12 to 14 Home by 10 p.m. Home by 11 p.m.
15 to 17 Home by 11 p.m. Home by midnight


There are exceptions for employment, school, religious observances, sponsored recreational activities, emergencies, errands at the direction of a parent or guardian and engaging in activities protected by the First Amendment. The law applies if the child is any public place after these hours including walking, biking, and driving a vehicle.

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