Public Hearing - Convenience Storage discussed as a use on B-2 zoning district





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Park/Planning Commission of St. Bonifacius will hold a Public Hearing on April 13, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom Meeting ID 2732478873 at 1-408-638-0968 or


The purpose of the hearing is to review determinations as to the appropriateness of the Highway Commercial Business District (B-2) zoning district for convenience storage facilities and warehousing and distribution uses and restrictions relating to such use within the B-2 zoning district, including the density of, location of, and height for such uses.  Hearing relates to Interim Zoning Ordinance No. 2020-02 an ordinance adopting interim land use controls pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 462.355, subdivision 4.


Such persons as desire to be heard with reference to the determination will be heard at this meeting.  City Council quorum may be present.


Dated:  March 18, 2021

By Order of the City Council

Brenda Fisk



Published in the

Waconia Patriot

March 25, 2021

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